The Love Vibe — Vintage Style Tremolo

Here’s our new product offering — the Love Vibe.The Love Vibe

This is a vintage style tremolo with a really nice sounding wave shape and a good range of speed and depth. Simple, straight forward, and very useful. The gain control gives significantly more boost than needed for makeup, so you can set it to less volume than bypassed or a whole lot louder.

Since it is a ’60s style tremolo circuit, we went with a ’60s style theme.  Tie dyed and fancy free, with easy to read controls and an LED that flashes in time with the tremolo pulse to let you know how you’re set.

Get yours for $89 shipped in the US (shipping outside the US will be extra) by dropping us an email, this is a new product and we only have a few in stock, though lead time on more will be less than two weeks.

As with all our products, these are completely hand made, hand wired, and hand decorated right here in the USA.

Sound samples soon, but until then we’ll whet whistles with  some photos.


The Love Vibe

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