Behold!: The Performance Enhnacer — SLK Edition

That’s right, the venerable Performance Enhancer is undergoing a bit of a makeover, and we snapped a pic of one in red and white on the bench today.

Not only is the PE getting updated graphics, but it is getting a new PCB design to make it consistently easy to build to the quality you expect. Don’t worry, the basic circuit is still the same and so is that fabulous tone that is so addictive. Only now it is a little easier to work with and build, and is even more securely mounted for years of trouble-free abuse. This is important as — like all our pedals — these are made completely by hand right here in the USA.

“But,” you wonder,  “what’s with the name change to SLK Edition?” We’re glad we pretended you asked that question! SLK stands for “Silly Lighted Knob” because the new PCB includes a gloriously cheesy, yet über-cool, light up volume knob.

Go ahead. Click on that image to see the new graphics in all their glory. Go on! You know you want to!

For those who don’t know this pedal, it’s the most popular in the ToneSlut line. It is deceptively simple, with only one knob and the fundamental promise of NOT changing your tone, but it can do so much. It makes a wonderful front end for any guitar, bringing back some of the bite and sparkle that is occasionally lost between the guitar and the pedalboard.

It isn’t limited to just electric guitars, though! Many PE owners use it on all the time for their acoustic guitar, as it retains the crispness and sparkle pickups were meant to have. Of course, it can be used with an electric guitar to provide a little extra drive — or even a lot of extra drive — when you need it. I routinely use one to hit the front end of my amp harder when using single-coil pickups. And it can even be used to buffer vintage effects like Rangemasters or Crybabys, that don’t always play well when first in line on a crowded pedalboard.

Be warned, however, these can be addictive.  When a PE is working for you, it is almost completely out of the way of your tone, but when you turn it off you suddenly know something is missing.  Try one for yourself, and you’ll understand.

If you want one of these SLK Edition Performance Enhancers for your very own, we have a few in stock. Limited time offer, $69 shipped to the US. Drop us an Email and we’ll talk.

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