I’m really an amplifier purist. My perfect signal path goes from a great sounding guitar through a high quality cable into an amplifier that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Admitting that up front, there are times when the right pedal can make or break a tone. Be it a little extra overdrive, a top boost for a cutting lead, the wet throb of a univibe, or something wilder, properly used effects can greatly enhance the versatility of a gutiarist.

With that in mind, the Toneslut philosophy on effects is that they should be as transparent, musical, and practical as possible. Above all, they should just sound good. But that doesn’t mean we can’t approach them with a sense of whimsy!

Our boxes are hand built and decorated, one at a time, just like your grandparents did it back in the days before electricity.  Ok, maybe not that last part, but every one is truly hand built, with quality parts,  and made to last.

The pedals we make most are Performance Enhancer clean boost pedals, which can be configured in several ways depending on your needs. Beyond that, we can make Rangemaster style Germanium Top Boosts, Silicon top boosts, Buzzarounds, and combination boosts, which are really two pedals in one.

If you want something special, just ask. We just might be able to accept that challenge!

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