Rhythm Boxes

Spanish Cedar and Cocobolo, with keys

Rhythm boxes are an innovative little product to help add flavor to a musician’s performance without getting in the way of their main instruments.

A musician playing un-amplified can stomp on the stage, porch, or whatever resonant surface they can find to add rhythms to their performance, ranging from a subtle flair to a driving beat.

But, how do you do this when you’re playing for a larger audience? One that requires you to amplify your instruments and voice?

That’s where these boxes come in. They allow you to tap your foot on the box and amplify the beat for to match the level of your performance.

How does it work?

The box contains a pickup, and can be plugged into any amplifier — guitar or line level. Tap the top of the box with your foot, and the sound will be amplified for all to hear.

But there’s more! Try using your effects pedals after the box. Maybe a delay pedal to give you a double thump like a heartbeat, a slapback, or a repeated echo. Use a Reverb to give a different sense of  space. Or use wilder effects like an Autowah, vocoder, or leslie simulator for something crazy! The limit is your imagination.

How to Order

We currently have no rhythm boxes for sale. Sorry!

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